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Animals in World War I

By:Allison, Gabby, Alex and Sophia

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Different animals in World War I

There were a ton of different animals used in World War I and they all had a job to do. In the war cats, horses, donkeys, mules, camels, dogs, pigeons, doves and elephants were all used to play a special role in the war to make the war go smoother.

Cats- Cats were used to kill rats and were used as gas detectors. They were brought to trenches and navy ships

Horses- Horses were used as reconnaissance, carrying messengers, pulled artillery, and pulled supply wagons. They were also used to transport soldiers.

Donkeys, Camels, Mules, Elephant- Those animals were all used to transport soldiers, weapons, ammunition, and food.

Dogs-Dogs were used to carry aid to the wounded, took messages between the lines and sniffed out enemy soldiers. They also were used to pull equipment. 

Pigeons and Doves- They were used to convey messages

Fun Fact:Stubby was one of the greatest dogs there was in the war. He was used for a lot of help in world war I.


Why animals were dying

Death of animals

Image by Laura Gariglio
Image by Danylo Suprun

Why animals Died

A lot of animals died in World War I. They typically died from wounds, starvation, thirst, exhaustion, a disease and even exposure. They can also get killed from the enemies.

Fun Facts

8 million horses and countless mules and donkeys died in World War I

In all sixteen million animals died in World War I

As some of you probably know now about the red poppy that shows remembrance of all of the people who served during war time, there is actually something called the purple poppy that shows remembrance for all of the animals that served during war time.

Why there was animals in World War I

A purpose

There were animals in World War I for a purpose. They brought in animals to make things go quicker and smoother. They brought the animals so the soldiers didn't have to carry everything because the big guns were very heavy that even the animals couldn't carry so they had to bring vehicles to transport them to there trenches.


History of animals in World War I

Animals in World War I

There were over 16 million animals that had served in World War I. They were mainly used for transportation and giving messages.Most that had served had died.

Image by Cristy Zinn

Interesting animals in World War I

In the war there were a ton of animals, but there were animals that I'm sure that some of you never knew was in the war. For instance you would probably knew that horses were in the war but did you know that foxes, monkeys, and pigs served in the war.


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